Class Property

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public final class Property extends Object implements Comparable<Property>
XMP property definition. Each instance of this class defines a single metadata property like "dc:format". In addition to the property name, the value type and category (internal or external) of the property are included in the property definition. The available choice values are also stored for open and closed choice value types.
Apache Tika 0.7
  • Method Details

    • getPropertyType

      public static Property.PropertyType getPropertyType(String key)
      Get the type of a property
      key - name of the property
      the type of the property
    • get

      public static Property get(String key)
      Retrieve the property object that corresponds to the given key
      key - the property key or name
      the Property object
    • getProperties

      public static SortedSet<Property> getProperties(String prefix)
    • internalBoolean

      public static Property internalBoolean(String name)
    • internalClosedChoise

      public static Property internalClosedChoise(String name, String... choices)
    • internalDate

      public static Property internalDate(String name)
    • internalDateBag

      public static Property internalDateBag(String name)
    • internalInteger

      public static Property internalInteger(String name)
    • internalIntegerSequence

      public static Property internalIntegerSequence(String name)
    • internalRational

      public static Property internalRational(String name)
    • internalOpenChoise

      public static Property internalOpenChoise(String name, String... choices)
    • internalReal

      public static Property internalReal(String name)
    • internalText

      public static Property internalText(String name)
    • internalTextBag

      public static Property internalTextBag(String name)
    • internalURI

      public static Property internalURI(String name)
    • externalClosedChoise

      public static Property externalClosedChoise(String name, String... choices)
    • externalOpenChoise

      public static Property externalOpenChoise(String name, String... choices)
    • externalDate

      public static Property externalDate(String name)
    • externalReal

      public static Property externalReal(String name)
    • externalRealSeq

      public static Property externalRealSeq(String name)
    • externalInteger

      public static Property externalInteger(String name)
    • externalBoolean

      public static Property externalBoolean(String name)
    • externalBooleanSeq

      public static Property externalBooleanSeq(String name)
    • externalText

      public static Property externalText(String name)
    • externalTextBag

      public static Property externalTextBag(String name)
    • composite

      public static Property composite(Property primaryProperty, Property[] secondaryExtractProperties)
      Constructs a new composite property from the given primary and array of secondary properties.

      Note that name of the composite property is taken from its primary property, and primary and secondary properties must not be composite properties themselves.

      primaryProperty -
      secondaryExtractProperties -
      the composite property
    • getName

      public String getName()
    • isInternal

      public boolean isInternal()
    • isExternal

      public boolean isExternal()
    • isMultiValuePermitted

      public boolean isMultiValuePermitted()
      Is the PropertyType one which accepts multiple values?
    • getPropertyType

      public Property.PropertyType getPropertyType()
    • getValueType

      public Property.ValueType getValueType()
    • getChoices

      public Set<String> getChoices()
      Returns the (immutable) set of choices for the values of this property. Only defined for open and closed choice value types.
      available choices, or null
    • getPrimaryProperty

      public Property getPrimaryProperty()
      Gets the primary property for a composite property
      the primary property
    • getSecondaryExtractProperties

      public Property[] getSecondaryExtractProperties()
      Gets the secondary properties for a composite property
      the secondary properties
    • compareTo

      public int compareTo(Property o)
      Specified by:
      compareTo in interface Comparable<Property>
    • equals

      public boolean equals(Object o)
      equals in class Object
    • hashCode

      public int hashCode()
      hashCode in class Object