Interface XMPRights

public interface XMPRights
XMP Rights management schema.

A collection of property constants for the rights management properties defined in the XMP standard.

Apache Tika 1.2
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      static final String NAMESPACE_URI_XMP_RIGHTS
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      static final String PREFIX_XMP_RIGHTS
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    • PREFIX_

      static final String PREFIX_
      The xmpRights prefix followed by the colon delimiter
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      static final Property CERTIFICATE
      A Web URL for a rights management certificate.
    • MARKED

      static final Property MARKED
      When true, indicates that this is a rights-managed resource. When false, indicates that this is a public-domain resource. Omit if the state is unknown.
    • OWNER

      static final Property OWNER
      A list of legal owners of the resource.

      static final Property USAGE_TERMS
      A word or short phrase that identifies a resource as a member of a userdefined collection. TODO This is actually a language alternative property

      static final Property WEB_STATEMENT
      A Web URL for a statement of the ownership and usage rights for this resource.