Class ObjectGroupObjectBLOBDataDeclaration

All Implemented Interfaces:

public class ObjectGroupObjectBLOBDataDeclaration extends StreamObject
object data BLOB declaration
  • Field Details

    • objectExGUID

      public ExGuid objectExGUID
    • objectDataBLOBExGUID

      public ExGuid objectDataBLOBExGUID
    • objectPartitionID

      public Compact64bitInt objectPartitionID
    • objectDataSize

      public Compact64bitInt objectDataSize
      Gets or sets a compact unsigned 64-bit integer that specifies the size in bytes of the object.opaque binary data for the declared object. This MUST match the size of the binary item in the corresponding object data BLOB referenced by the Object Data BLOB reference for this object.
    • objectReferencesCount

      public Compact64bitInt objectReferencesCount
    • cellReferencesCount

      public Compact64bitInt cellReferencesCount
  • Constructor Details

    • ObjectGroupObjectBLOBDataDeclaration

      public ObjectGroupObjectBLOBDataDeclaration()
      Initializes a new instance of the ObjectGroupObjectBLOBDataDeclaration class.
  • Method Details