What's new in Tiles 2.2

Tiles 2.2 is a binary-compatible enhancement of Tiles 2.1.x, with some incompatible changes in JSP tags, but, for the user perspective, it is perfectly compatible.

New features in Tiles 2.2

Tiles 2.2 has several new features:

Deprecations in Tiles 2.2

  • Startup with initialization parameters is not deprecated. See the configuration page to know how to configure Tiles with Java.

Removals in Tiles 2.2

  • Support of retrotranslated packages to be compatible with Java 1.4. It is possible, though, to retrotranslate the packages manually.
  • Support for Servlets 2.4 and JSP 2.0 when creating ELAttributeEvaluator. It is still possible to use it manually.

New features in Tiles 2.1

Tiles 2.1 introduces new features, but remaining compatible to Tiles 2.0.x. The new features are:

Under the hood

  • TilesApplicationContext is now created externally of the Tiles container and must be configured externally.
  • Tiles exceptions are all unchecked now: you can now remove all your try-catches.
  • Added the concept of "definition DAO" that allows loading definitions from various sources, for example a DB.