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Apache TinkerPop provides three packaged downloads per release version. The Gremlin Console and Gremlin Server downloads are binary distributions, which contain pre-packaged versions of these important TinkerPop applications that are designed to work out-of-the-box when unpackaged. The source distribution is a snapshot of the source code and files used in the building of those binary distributions.

Current Releases

Archived Releases

Gremlin Console and Gremlin Server are compatible with Java 8/11.
Upgrade documentation was only introduced at 3.1.1-incubating which is why there are no "upgrade" links in versions prior to that one.
This page lists official Apache releases only. TinkerPop occasionally produces unofficial binary release candidates (denoted by the suffix "-RC") which are NOT promoted or announced as actual release versions. Such releases are for early development and evaluation purposes only. They are not suitable for production.

Packaged Artifacts

As a convenience, TinkerPop also deploys packaged artifacts to the following locations

Repository Artifacts
Docker Gremlin Server
Gremlin Console
docker pull tinkerpop/gremlin-server
docker pull tinkerpop/gremlin-console
Go Module gremlin-go
go get
Maven Central groupId: org.apache.tinkerpop
<!-- gremlin-driver is a common dependency but there are others --> <dependency>
PyPI gremlinpython
pip install gremlinpython
npm gremlin
npm i gremlin
npm i gremlint
NuGet Gremlin.Net
dotnet add package Gremlin.Net --version 3.7.2
dotnet add package Gremlin.Net.template --version 3.7.2

Verifying Downloads

All downloads have associated PGP and SHA512 signatures to help verify a distribution provided by a mirror. To verify a distribution via PGP or GPG first download the KEYS file (it is important to use the linked file which is from the main distribution directory and not a mirror. Next download the appropriate "asc" signature file for the relevant distribution (again, this file should come from the main distribution directory - note that older releases will have such files in the archives or if released under Apache Incubator then they will be found in the Incubator archives).

Then verify the signatures as follows:

pgpk -a KEYS
pgpk -ka KEYS
gpg --import KEYS
gpg --verify
Alternatively, consider verifying the SHA512 signature on the files. An SHA512 signature consists of 128 hex characters. Ensure that the generated signature string matches the signature string published in the files above.

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