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Setting up your Java environment

Setting up your Java environment

Setting your path

You need to set your PATH environment variable so the JVM and Java applications run correctly. The PATH variable enables your operating system to find the appropriate programs from any directory. If you have more than one JVM installed, the JVM you wish to use must appear before any of the others in the PATH variable.

This is one of the basic steps in running a JVM. It is extremely important for the success of your installation.

To set the PATH environment variable:

Add the bin subdirectory of the JVM directory to the beginning of the path.

For example, if the directory is C:\JDK1.4, add C:\JDK1.4\bin to the beginning of the path.

Testing your path

To make sure you set your path correctly, run this test. In a command window, type the following command:

java -version

If the path is set correctly, you will see a printout telling you the version of your JVM.

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