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An SQL92Identifier is a dictionary object identifier that conforms to the rules of SQL-92. SQL-92 states that identifiers for dictionary objects are limited to 128 characters and are case-insensitive (unless delimited by double quotes), because they are automatically translated into uppercase by the system. You cannot use reserved words as identifiers for dictionary objects unless they are delimited. If you attempt to use a name longer than 128 characters, SQLException X0X11 is raised.

Derby defines keywords beyond those specified by the SQL-92 standard (see "SQL Reserved Words").


-- the view name is stored in the
-- system catalogs as ANIDENTIFIER 
 -- the view name is stored in the system
-- catalogs with case intact 
CREATE VIEW "ACaseSensitiveIdentifier" (RECEIVED) AS VALUES 1

This section describes the rules for using SQL92Identifiers to represent the following dictionary objects:

  • schema-Name
  • table-Name
  • correlation-Name
  • column-Name
  • Simple-column-Name
  • index-Name
  • constraint-Name
  • cursor-Name
  • TriggerName
  • AuthorizationIdentifier

Qualifying Dictionary Objects

Since some dictionary objects can be contained within other objects, you can qualify those dictionary object names. Each component is separated from the next by a period. An SQL92Identifier is "dot-separated." You qualify a dictionary object name in order to avoid ambiguity.

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