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Describes the columns within all tables in the current database:

Column NameTypeLengthNullableContents
REFERENCEIDCHAR36falseIdentifier for table or publication (join with SYSTABLES.TABLEID or SYSPUBS. PUBLICATIONID)
COLUMN-NAMECHAR128falsecolumn or parameter name
COLUMNNUMBERINT4falsethe position of the column within the table or the position of the parameter within the publication
COLUMNDATATYPEorg.apache.derby.catalog. TypeDescriptor

This class is not part of the public API.

falsesystem type that describes precision, length, scale, nullability, type name, and storage type of data
truefor tables, describes default value of the column. The toString() method on the object stored in the table returns the text of the default value as specified in the CREATE TABLE or ALTER TABLE statement.

for publication parameters, defines the default value of the parameter at the source, and the actual value of the parameter at the target

COLUMNDEFAULTIDCHAR36falseunique identifier for the default value
truewhat the next value for column will be, if the column is an identity column
trueinitial value of column (if specified), if it is an identity column
trueamount column value is automatically incremented (if specified), if the column is an identity column

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