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Describes the database's triggers.

Column NameTypeLengthNullabilityContents
TRIGGERIDCHAR36falseunique identifier for the trigger
TRIGGERNAMEVARCHAR128falsename of the trigger
SCHEMAIDCHAR36falseid of the trigger's schema (join with SYSSCHEMAS. SCHEMAID)
falsetime the trigger was created
EVENTCHAR1false'U' for update, 'D' for delete, 'I' for insert
FIRINGTIMECHAR1false'B' for before 'A' for after
TYPECHAR1false'R' for row, 'S' for statement
STATECHAR1false'E' for enabled, 'D' for disabled
TABLEIDCHAR36falseid of the table on which the trigger is defined
WHENSTMTIDCHAR36trueused only if there is a WHEN clause (not yet supported)
ACTIONSTMTIDCHAR36falseid of the stored prepared statement for the triggered-SQL-statement (join with SYSSTATEMENTS. STMTID)
REFERENCEDCOLUMNSorg.apache.derby.catalog. ReferencedColumns: This class is not part of the public API.
truedescriptor of the columns referenced by UPDATE triggers
truebody of CREATE TRIGGER statement
truewhether or not the REFERENCINGNAME, if non-null, refers to the OLD row or table
truewhether or not the REFERENCINGNAME, if non-null, refers to the NEW row or table
REFERENCINGNAMEVARCHAR128truethe correlation name or identifier from the REFERENCING clause

Any SQL text that is part of a triggered-SQL-statement is compiled and stored in SYSSTATEMENTS. ACTIONSTMTID and WHENSTMTID are foreign keys that reference SYSSTATEMENTS.STMTID. The statements for a trigger are always in the same schema as the trigger.

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