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ParameterMetaData is new in JDBC 3.0. It describes the number, type, and properties of parameters to prepared statements. The method PreparedStatement.getParameterMetaData returns a ParameterMetaData object that describes the parameter markers that appear in the PreparedStatement object. See java.sql.PreparedStatement for more information.

Interface ParameterMetaData methods are listed below.

Table 22. JDBC 3.0 ParameterMetaData Methods

ReturnsSignatureImplementation Notes
int getParameterCount()
int isNullable(int param)
boolean isSigned(int param)
int getPrecision(int param)
int getScale(int param)
int getParameterType(int param)
String getParamterTypeName (int param)
String getParamterClassName (int param)
int getParameterMode (int param)

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