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You can specify the createFrom=Path attribute in the boot time connection URL to create a database using a full backup at a specified location. If there is a database with the same name in Derby.system.home, an error will occur and the existing database will be left intact. If there is not an existing database with the same name in the current Derby.system.home location, the whole database is copied from the backup location to the Derby.system.home location and started.

The Log files are copied to the default location. The logDevice attribute can be used in conjunction with createFrom=Path to store logs in a different location. With createFrom=Path you do not need to copy the individual log files to the log directory.

Combining with Other Attributes

Do not combine this attribute with rollforwardrecoveryFrom, restoreFrom, or create.


URL: jdbc:derby:wombat;createFrom=d:/backup/wombat

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