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The concatenation operator, ||, concatenates its right operand to the end of its left operand. It operates on a character or bit expression.

Because all built-in data types are implicitly converted to strings, this function can act on all built-in data types.


    { CharacterExpression || CharacterExpression } |
    { BitExpression || BitExpression }

For character strings, if both the left and right operands are of type CHAR, the resulting type is CHAR; otherwise, it is VARCHAR. The normal blank padding/trimming rules for CHAR and VARCHAR apply to the result of this operator.

The length of the resulting string is the sum of the lengths of both operands.

For bit strings, if both the left and the right operands are of type CHAR FOR BIT DATA, the resulting type is CHAR FOR BIT DATA; otherwise, it is VARCHAR FOR BIT DATA.


--returns 'supercalifragilisticexbealidocious(sp?)' 
VALUES 'supercalifragilistic' || 'exbealidocious' || '(sp?)'
 -- returns NULL 
VALUES CAST (null AS VARCHAR(7))|| 'AString'
 -- returns '130asdf' 
VALUES '130' || 'asdf'

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