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Defines the size, in number of pages, of the database's data page cache (data pages kept in memory).

The actual amount of memory the page cache will use depends on the following:

  • the size of the cache (configured with this property, derby.storage.pageCacheSize)
  • the size of the pages (configured with the derby.storage.pageSize property)
  • overhead (varies with JVMs)

When increasing the size of the page cache, you typically have to allow more memory for the Java heap when starting the embedding application (taking into consideration, of course, the memory needs of the embedding application as well). For example, using the default page size of 4K, a page cache size of 2000 pages will require at least 8 MB of memory (and probably more, given the overhead).

For a simple application (no GUI), using the Sun 1.1.7 JVM on Windows NT and using the -mx96m option (which allows 96 MB for the Java heap), it is possible to have a page cache size of 10,000 pages (approximately 40 MB).

The minimum value is 40 pages. If you specify a lower value, Derby uses the default value.


1000 pages.



Dynamic or static

Static. You must reboot the system for the change to take effect.

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