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Specifies which errors are logged to the Derby error log (typically the derby.log file). In test environments, use the setting derby.stream.error.logSeverityLevel=0 so that all problems are reported.

Any error raised in a Derby system is given a level of severity. This property indicates the minimum severity necessary for an error to appear in the error log. The severities are defined in the class org.apache.derby.types.ExceptionSeverity. The higher the number, the more severe the error.

  • 20000

    Errors that cause the statement to be rolled back, for example syntax errors and constraint violations.

  • 30000

    Errors that cause the transaction to be rolled back, for example deadlocks.

  • 40000

    Errors that cause the connection to be closed.

  • 50000

    Errors that shut down the Derby system.




// send errors of level 30000 and higher to the log 

Dynamic or static

This property is static; if you change it while Derby is running, the change does not take effect until you reboot.

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