Package org.apache.derby.jdbc

Class Summary
ClientBaseDataSource Base class for client-side DataSource implementations.
ClientConnectionPoolDataSource ClientConnectionPoolDataSource is a factory for PooledConnection objects.
ClientDataSource ClientDataSource is a simple data source implementation that can be used for establishing connections in a non-pooling, non-distributed environment.
EmbeddedConnectionPoolDataSource EmbeddedConnectionPoolDataSource is Derby's ConnectionPoolDataSource implementation.
EmbeddedDataSource EmbeddedDataSource is Derby's DataSource implementation.
EmbeddedDriver The embedded JDBC driver (Type 4) for Derby.
EmbeddedSimpleDataSource EmbeddedSimpleDataSource is Derby's DataSource implementation for J2ME/CDC/Foundation.
EmbeddedXADataSource EmbeddedXADataSource is Derby's XADataSource implementation.

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