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 Do the one-time-setup

To work with the source code, start by doing the one-time setups.

 Checkout and Build UIMA SDK

To build all of the Apache UIMA Java SDK (including the docbooks and the binary assembly) and install these artifacts to your local maven repository, do the following commands. We'll assume you want to do this work in a local disk directory on your build machine.

First, as an example, create the local build directory by using whatever your operating system's commands are for creating this. For instance, in Windows, you might pick "myWorkingCopy" as the name of your local build directory, and create it at the top level, using the command:

    mkdir \myWorkingCopy

UIMA has several projects. The main, core project, is the Java SDK. This is named "uimaj" - the last letter, "j" stands for "Java". Here are sample commands that check out the "trunk" (most current) version into a subdirectory of \myWorkingCopy and build it using:

  • cd \myWorkingCopy
  • svn checkout https://svn.apache.org/repos/asf/uima/uimaj/trunk uimaj
  • cd uimaj
  • mvn install

Note: if you're using Linux or MacOS, change the directory separator character to a forward slash ( "/" ).

Note: to build a particular release. instead of the most current (and possibly, not working) version under development, replace "trunk" with "tags/" + the svn name of that release, such as "tags/uimaj-2.9.0".

If you're looking for the lib containing all the built Jars, cd \myWorkingCopy\uimaj\target and unzip/untar the binary distribution artifact, named something like uimaj-[version]-bin.zip or uimaj-[version]-bin.tar.gz. Then, look inside the unpacked result for a lib directory - it will have the Jars that were built.

 Checkout and Build an Addons (Sandbox) project

  • cd \myWorkingCopy
  • svn checkout https://svn.apache.org/repos/asf/uima/addons/trunk addons
  • cd addons
  • mvn install

To check out just one of the addons and build it, say, the WhitespaceTokenizer, do: