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 Apache UIMA Mailing Lists

Please note that anything you send to these lists, including your email signature, is publicly posted and available on the web, and may be copied to other archives, indexed by search engines, and so forth.

There are currently three publicly available mailing lists for Apache UIMA™:

  • User Lists -- for users of software to converse about such things as configuration and operating of the software of the Project;
  • Developer Lists -- for the developers of the project (On these lists suggestions and comments for code changes are discussed and action items are raised and voted on. For the developer community, these lists are the very center of the project where all the "action" is.);
  • Commit Lists -- where all SVN code commit messages are sent ( all committers are required to subscribe to this list so that they can stay aware of changes to the repository).

Note: Please don't send patches or attachments to any of the mailing lists. Patches are best handled via the Issue Tracking system. Otherwise, please upload the file to a public server and include the URL in the mail.

You subscribe and unsubscribe by sending an empty email message to the list name suffixed with -subscribe or -unsubscribe. The buttons in the table below will create the correct email for you in your mail system; just push send.

The mailing lists can be viewed in a "Forum" style threaded view using the URLs in the last column below.

List List email Subscribe Unsubscribe Forum/Archive view
















You may want to review some general information about Apache mailing lists. In particular, please note that all of the above UIMA mailing lists are public and that public archives contain all posts to those mailing lists. Please do not send confidential information to those lists.