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 Project Management Committee Bylaws

The Project Management Committee (PMC) was formed by the Apache Board on 18 March 2010. There is no preset number of seats on the PMC. The PMC will strive to add every committer that, in the opinion of the PMC as determined by a vote, displays the capability and desire to help guide the project. The PMC will nominate a chairperson from amongst their ranks for presentation to the Board. The list of current members can be found in our team list.


The PMC is responsible for the strategic direction and success of the UIMA Project. This governing body is expected to ensure the project's welfare and guide its overall direction. The PMC may not necessarily participate in the day-to-day coding but is involved in the overall development plans, the alleviation of any bottlenecks, the resolution of conflicts, and the overall technical success of the project.

The PMC is answerable to the Apache Board with its Chairman serving as primary liaison.


The PMC discusses issues and determines strategic direction via mail list. All binding votes happen on the PMC list.


PMC members may resign at any time. A committer will remain on the UIMA PMC until removed by desire of the committer, action of the board, or vote by the PMC. The Chairman may resign as Chairman at any time without resigning membership to the PMC. The chairperson will serve until voluntary resignation, action of the board, or vote by the PMC. The Chairman or any member may be removed from the PMC by a 3/4 vote of the PMC.

In order to be elected to the PMC, a person must have served as a Committer and be nominated by a PMC Member. The nominee must receive 3/4 positive vote with a minimum of 3 positive votes. Abstaining PMC voters do not affect the result.

Creation of Subprojects

PMC members may propose the creation of new subprojects. Creation of a new subproject requires approval by 3/4 positive vote with a minimum of 3 positive votes of the PMC. Abstaining PMC voters do not affect the result. New code enters the UIMA Project in accordance with ASF policy.


The call for a vote on issues not detailed here may specify requirements for passage. The minimum and default requirement for a passing vote is simple majority of PMC members casting ballots. The default voting period is 10 days and the minimum is 7 days unless the success or failure is arithmetically known.