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Saving SVN Resources
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 Saving SVN Resources

Apache Infrastructure practices have websites and distributions go via SVN. Whenever reasonable, please conserve SVN resources, using various approaches.

  • Arrange to have files, which don't change from release to release, shared within the SVN.
  • Arrange to have files which change minimally, and which are "text", to take advantage of SVN storage of differences between versions

These two principles mean we should not just generate a new set of Javadocs, for instance, and then commit them as xyz-version-2.4.0/ - this would add all these files as new ones. Instead we need to do something like do an SVN copy (within SVN) of the previous files, check that out, overwrite that with changes from the new generation, and check that back in. This way just changed files get checked in, and of those, just changed lines do.

There is a webpage which details recommendations for how to do this: https://www.apache.org/dev/project-site.html#generated.