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If you're interested in the planning ideas that went into version 2, see the features list at XMLBeans V2 Features.

Bug Tracking

If you encounter a problem or have a question on how to do something, you may find it useful to check the FAQ or search the user mailing list archive (see below) first; then post to the user mailing list if you do not find the answer to your question. If you encounter a bug, you can open a bug report here: JIRA XMLBeans

Source Code Changes

You can view the latest changes to the XMLBeans source here: CHANGES.txt

Mailing Lists

New Owner ...

Apache POI took over further development of XMLBeans, therefore all user/development requests are handled on the Apache POI mailing lists. The links below are only provided for historic queries.

User Mailing List

View the XMLBeans User List Archive for questions on using XMLBeans.

(Searchable mailing list archives are also available at

Developer Mailing List

Archived messages can be found in the XMLBeans Dev List Archive.

(Searchable mailing list archives are also available in

SVN Mailing List

This list is used for SVN checkin emails and similar SVN type issues.

Archives of the XMLBeans SVN mailing list (including CVS commits prior to the move to SVN) are available here in

Who We Are

Current XMLBeans Committers

The XMLBeans project is now managed by the Apache POI PMC.

Former XMLBeans Committers

Committer Email Bio
Cezar Andrei cezar.andrei@no#spam#! LinkedIn
David Bau about me
Patrick Calahan  
Jacob Danner!.com  
Yana Kadiyska yana@no#spam#!  
Ken Kress  
Kevin Krouse  
Laurence Moroney  
Radu Preotiuc  
Cliff Schmidt cliffschmidt@n#osp#am!  
Dutta Satadip  
Eric Vasilik  
David Waite  
Scott Ziegler  
Emailing Committers
It is recommended that you use the mailing lists above to communicate about the XMLBeans project rather than emailing the committers directly.
The nospam. prefix on the email addresses above was put there as an attempt to thwart automatic email harvesting by spammers. To email someone on this list remove the nospam from the email address.

Related Projects

Eclipse Plugin

Development is under way for an XMLBeans IDE plugin. The current focus is on Eclipse v3 support. For more information, see the XMLBeans Plugin project at the Sourceforge web site.