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IntellyJ IDEA 8 - XMLBeans Generator plug-in. Avalable in IntelliJ plug-in list.

Eclipse - XMLBeans plug-in. Documentation.

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XMLBeans Articles

Use XMLBeans to create a Web service client, IBM developerWorks, Jul 18 2006
Deploy SOA applications in Apache Geronimo using XMLBeans, IBM developerWorks, May 09 2006
Configuring XMLBeans, BEA dev2dev, Nov 30 2004 a
Apache XMLBeans 2: Accessing the Full Power of XML in Java (ppt),, Nov 2004
XML-Java Data Binding Using XMLBeans,, Jul 2004
Using XMLBeans in Web Service Clients and User Interfaces, BEA Dev2Dev, May 2004 a
Leveraging Complex Schema Features in Java the XMLBeans Way, BEA Dev2Dev, May 2004 a
Strongly Typed XML in Java with XMLBeans,Cezar Cristian Andrei, May 2004, a
XML Processing with Java Object Technology, May 2004 a
Using XMLBeans to Implement Dynamic Configuration Files, BEA Dev2Dev, April 2004 a
XMLBeans as First-Class Data Objects, BEA Dev2Dev, May 2004 a
Handling Mixed Content in a Strongly-Typed World, BEA Dev2Dev, Nov 2003 a
Converting XML to JavaBeans with XMLBeans, JavaBoutique
The Design of XMLBeans (Part 1),, Nov 2003
The Design of XMLBeans (Part 2),, Nov 2003
The Design of XMLBeans (Part 3),, Dec 2003
XML Made Easy with XMLBeans,, Oct 2003
XML Beans: The Best of Both Worlds, XML Journal, June 2003
XML Beans (by David Bau), BEA Dev2Dev, Mar 2003 a
Dear John (Column #3) - An XMLBeans Example: Address Book, BEA Dev2Dev, Feb 2003 a

For spanish speaking developers:
Desenredando XmlBeans 1, Feb 2008
Desenredando XmlBeans 2, Feb 2008

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XMLBeans Books

There is a chapter on XMLBeans, in the upcoming book Pro Apache Beehive, by Kunal Mittal.

Are you writing a book on XMLBeans? If so let us know and we will list it here