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Derby plug-ins Presentation and Lab

This paper includes a presentation on how to use the Derby 10.1 Core and 1.1 UI plug-ins. The presentation includes a pdf slide show and a hands-on lab. The lab demonstrates using the Derby plug-ins to create Java stored procedures used in a stand-alone Java application in the Eclipse environment.

The presentation and lab are suitable for new or experienced Eclipse users.

Downloading the Presentation and Lab

The slide show is available in pdf format, derby_plugins_slides.pdf.

The lab is packaged as a zip file, derby_plugins_lab.zip and includes the following:

  • Lab Instructions in both OpenOffice (.sxw) and PDF format.
  • SQL files to create the database, create the tables, and create and execute the stored procedures.
  • Java source files used to create the Java stored procedures and a sample stand-alone application which uses the stored procedures and access the tables in the sample database.

Please feel free to modify and/or extend the lab to fit your requirements!

Last Updated: August 23, 2005