Releasing Apache Sirona

  1. Post to the dev list a few days before you plan to do an Sirona release

  2. Your maven setting must contains the entry to be able to deploy.

  3. Release Sirona

    You should have a GPG agent running in the session you will run the maven release commands(preferred), and confirm it works by running “gpg -ab” (type some text and press Ctrl-D). If you do not have a GPG agent running, make sure that you have the “apache-release” profile set in your settings.xml as shown below.

    GPG configuration in maven settings xml:


    Run the release

    mvn release:prepare release:perform
  4. go to and close your staged repository. Log in, click on Staging Repositories, check your repository, and click Close. Note the repository url (format

  5. Stage the release (stagingRepoUrl format

    svn co sirona-dev-release
    cd sirona-dev-release
    sh ./ version stagingRepoUrl
    svn add <new directory created with new version as name>
    gpg -k >> KEYS
    gpg --armor --export >> KEYS
    svn ci
  6. Validating the release

  • Download sources, extract, build and run tests - mvn clean package
  • Verify license headers - mvn -Prat -DskipTests
  • Download binaries and .asc files
  • Download release manager’s public key - From the KEYS file, get the release manager’s public key finger print and run gpg –keyserver –recv-key <key>
  • Validate authenticity of key - run gpg –fingerprint <key>
  • Check signatures of all the binaries using gpg <binary>
  1. Call for a vote in the dev list and wait for 72 hrs. for the vote results. 3 binding votes are necessary for the release to be finalized. example After the vote has passed, move the files from dist dev to dist release: svn mv to

    I'd like to release Apache Sirona [VERSION]-incubating.
    Release notes:[VERSION]-incubating.html
    Maven staged release repository:[NNN]/
    * binaries:[VERSION]-incubating/binaries/
    * sources:[VERSION]-incubating/src/
    KEYS file available here:
    Vote open for 72H
  2. Prepare release note. Add a page in src/site/apt/releasenotes/ and change value of <currentRelease> in parent pom.

  3. Send out an announcement of the release to:

  1. Celebrate!